Rapid growth in connectivity and cheaper computing platforms are driving the demand for automation across factory floors to optimize operations. Developing and deploying smart solutions (intelligent, connected and enabled for real-time communication) is crucial to succeed in this competitive business environment. Aligned to this trend, organizations worldwide are restructuring operations to incorporate digital technologies in their value chain. Emerging concepts such as Industry 4.0, Model Based Definition (MBD), Model Based Enterprise (MBE) and manufacturing techniques like 3D printing are redrawing the landscape of industry.
Industrial Mobility
Industrial Mobility
Trenser, has vast experience in Enterprise mobility and services for mobile enablement of factory floor data. It also has robust solutions for diverse asset management used in a complex industrial environment.

Mobile Enablement
  • Trenser has an excellent team who can provide mobile solutions to aggregate and view Factory/Floor data on mobile devices both inside and outside the enterprise network. These solutions enable floor and production managers as well as the leadership team to get a bird’s eye view of the ground reality and take decisions at the right time..
Mobile Asset Management
  • With advent of RF tags, every piece of equipment, consumable and raw material batch can be traced through a centralized workflow. Trenser provides implementation services ranging from connectivity to data aggregation across the enterprise.
Monitoring & Control
Monitoring & Control
Connecting diverse processes and equipment together and providing integrated control solutions often need multi-disciplinary skills. Trenser provides these as an integrated service for any industrial environment, OEMs and utility companies alike.

Trenser offers design and implementation of Remote Equipment and Process monitoring services. This includes Dashboards for Data Visualization, Trend Analysis and Alarm Management.

Other related services offered are Integrating and provisioning Sensors and providing Closed-loop control system using protocols like OPC and IEC 61131-3.
Automation Trenser believes in improving the productivity and efficiency of Industrial operations through Automation. We provide System studies, feasibility analysis, Return of Investment analysis and implementation services for Process Automation. We undertake automation of industrial equipment as well as process automation. Our Building Automation services focus on efficient use of utilities and security enhancement.
Our HMI services include data visualization for raw and analyzed data, control & status reporting, and user interfaces for equipment. We believe in proving the best User Experience (UX) Design, matching end user profile and environments in which the equipment and control systems are used.
Why Trenser?
Trenser has cumulative experience of 20 man-years in Industrial vertical specializing in Automation and Monitoring and control. We strongly believe our services will help you to bring in improved efficiency and productivity.
Case Studies
White Papers
Dashboard for solar power plant
Client Needs
India based solar power Generation Company would like to develop dashboard to monitor different parameters in their power plant. These parameters are exposed by various measurement devices in an industrial environment
  • Establish communication with field devices
  • Retrieve data from field devices and display digital gauges representing different parameters
  • Display trend data log and provide analytics
  • Historical alarm view
Engagement Scope
Work with customizer R&D team
  • Create UI design & Implement
  • Establish communication framework utilizing different communication protocols
  • Create test framework
  • Filed trial and commissioning
Value Delivered
  • Digital dashboards and analytics improved the plat efficiency by 23%
  • Cost savings by eliminating plat floor engineers who were manually creating data log
  • Device Analytics helped customer to schedule periodic maintenance
JAVA, Swing Framework, OSGi, Java 2D™ API and
Mobile interface for SCADA System
Client Needs
Europe based SCADA provider wanted mobile interface for SCADA system. Existing application is desktop based and cannot be accessed remotely. Mobile interface needs to provided monitoring functionality only, control functions are not intended as considering security issues
Engagement Scope
  • UX Design and development of user interface in Android and iOS
  • Cloud based Backend to provide data for Android and iOS applications
Value Delivered
  • Authorized Fertilizer Plat Engineers can view status even when they are away from factory floor.
  • Helped to achieve production efficiency by 8% within in 2 quarters
iOS, Android , Node.js
Vending machine management
Client Needs
US based vending machine Company wanted to monitor the vending machines to understand items stocks and roll trucks to fill
Engagement Scope
  • System study and Design
  • Hardware communication module integration
  • Web and mobile based machine status / item stock display
  • Machines in google map
Value Delivered
  • Optimized truck roll
  • Livestock status
AWS, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node.js, iOS, Android

Photo printing Kiosk for convenient store
Client Needs
Japan based convenient store chain wanted design a Photo printing kiosk.
Engagement Scope
Partner with Printer Company to provide solution.
  • Kiosk UX design
  • Interface with End customer mobile , tablets
  • Hardware integration
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Payment gateway integration
Value Delivered
  • New generation User experience Design
  • Fully automated workflow
  • Fully automated solution with zero intervention from Convenient store clerk
WPF, C#, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi stack integration, Adobe XD, iOS , Android , Javascript