Mobility is fast becoming the business enabler for Enterprises globally. Mobile applications have transformed from mere portals/apps to the source of primary business. and the pervasiveness of Mobility in today's connected world has enabled better execution of business due to easy access to information and solutions. Needless to say, to improve customer satisfaction and revenue by transforming core business processes, enhancing engagement initiatives, optimizing costs and promoting workforce productivity, organizations need an effective mobility strategy.
Mobile Enablement
Mobile Enablement
All organizations will have existing IT systems and solutions, but most of them are traditional web applications. Developing a mobile interface for these applications is the need of the hour. Trenser can help you to create and maintain mobile applications on iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry. These applications will connect to traditional applications and present data as well as the business process in a user intuitive way. We have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to deliver operational efficiency and use mobility to help you develop a competitive advantage.

Our services and approach include:
Business requirements definition and analysis:
We work closely with the customer to understand and define the business requirements.

User experience design: 
For custom development, user experience designers refine application designs with the customer team.

Backend integration:
We draw on our experience in integrating mobile applications with a myriad of backend systems, and also leverage our powerful middleware.

Agile development:
We use agile methodologies throughout the mobile application development lifecycle including daily assessments, thereby ensuring maximum coordination, issue resolution, visibility, and speed-to market.
Mobile App Testing
Mobile App Testing
We offer following Mobile app testing services.
Functional Testing - Proliferation of device form factors and platforms is a major challenge for any mobility testing program. Our Mobility Testing assures you quality products by ensuring application functionality on all major mobile/ tablet devices and popular operating systems. Our in-depth expertise in Mobility ensures extensive exploratory testing so that end users do not face any app glitches.

Automation Services - Our strong experience in Mobility Testing Automation ensures scalable and flexible Mobility automation solutions. "Any Platform, Any Tool, Any Application," is the automation approach we follow in the platform and tool agnostic automation solutions.

Deployment Readiness Testing - Mobile applications are intended to support different mobile networks and mobile back end services over a wide range of network conditions. Our dedicated team focused on Performance Testing ensures you experience optimal performance of mobile applications under various network conditions and overall system environments.

Usability Testing - Our User Experience and Mobility Testing Team ensures that mobile applications adhere to application store guidelines and guarantee user friendliness.
Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development
Have a great Idea? If you have an idea, which can impact the mobile life of consumers across the world, and are thinking of how to make this idea come to fruition, then, we will help you to turn your ideas into reality. Your idea will be kept confidential and safe within our premises, memory banks and database. We assure that all credit and rights remain with you. Tell us your wishes, and we can start in less than 24 hours! You may be able to get a prototype out in within 4 weeks!

Are you running a small Business? Do you have a small business that is yet to transition to the mobile consumers? Wait a minute. With the fastest growing mobile population ever, you might be missing a major portion of your potential clients. We can help you define a mobile strategy and build the entire solution for your small enterprise. Just Tell us your needs and we shall bring you the most cost-effective solution for your requirement.
Why Trenser?
You will get support to define your mobility strategy, business requirements, definition user experience design, backend design and integration and verification & validation support from a single vendor. Our track records speaks for us.
Case Studies
White Papers
Cloud Based Mobile Video Surveillance
Client Needs
US based building automation and security surveillance provider required a software partner to develop their next generation video surveillance solution for small shops.
  • Development of web services (prototype solution)
  • Mobile devices based security and surveillance applications
  • Web application for optional
Engagement Scope
Developed the complete prototype solution based on Amazon Cloud and monitoring apps for mobile devices and tablets.
  • RESTful services for management functions, streaming and storage management
  • Mobile apps on phone and tablets for surveillance and management
  • Web application for monitoring and management
Value Delivered
  • Quick prototype for technical feasibility helped further building of the solution on agile development model accelerating the overall development cycle
  • Trenser suggested native applications on iOS and Android platforms ensured streaming performance and user experience
Amazon AWS, RESTful, HTML5, CSS, Android, iOS, MJPEG, H.264, MPEG, RTP/ RTCP, RTSP

Mobile interface for SCADA System
Client Needs
Europe based SCADA provider wanted mobile interface for SCADA system. Existing application is desktop based and cannot be accessed remotely. Mobile interface needs to provided monitoring functionality only, control functions are not intended as considering security issues
Engagement Scope
  • UX Design and development of user interface in Android and iOS
  • Cloud based Backend to provide data for Android and iOS applications
Value Delivered
  • Authorized Fertilizer Plat Engineers can view status even when they are away from factory floor.
  • Helped to achieve production efficiency by 8% within in 2 quarters
iOS, Android , Node.js