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12th December 2017
11th December 2017 marked a memorable milestone in the history of Trenser, when Technopark CEO Mr. Hrishikesh Nair inaugurated its facility in Nila Building, Technopark, Trivandrum. Trenser launched its operations from Technopark since May 2017 as a young startup by a group of enthusiastic engineers who possess entrepreneurial spirit. With the team of energetic and passionate engineers, the company leadership has been able to secure business from global clients leveraging their relationships. Ever since Trenser started its operations, the company has tripled its headcount in a short span of six months. Company is growing faster with long-term business visibility from clients in North America, Europe and Japan regions. Read More
6th October 2017
AOT Technologies, Victoria BC, Canada (AOT) and Trenser Technology Solutions (P) Ltd., Trivandrum, India (Trenser) have signed a strategic partnership on 27th September 2017. This five-year agreement combines the strengths of both companies and is aimed to bring out a "one-stop solution" for software development needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada. This partnership offers best value to customers in Canada by providing custom business application development and product engineering capabilities together, with the help of talented engineers onsite in Canada and offshore in India. Read More